about us

The curator for cool little dudes, rascals and fellows,

Curator-in-chief is Kiki Kouthoofd. Photographer and creative director.
She started a blog in January 2013, just to share her vision about 'the boys world'.

With quite a few men in her life;
two boys at home, a husband, 2 dads and 4 brothers, ...
she thinks she really knows something about boys..., well... is that ever possible? ; )
With her two sons at home, aged 11 and 3,
it's perfect to stay focused, in both the little and big boys world.

She's just trying to make it a bit more exciting for cool boys and their contemporary parents.

Writing and being the photographer for the blog, meeting amazingly inspiring brands, designers and especially their owners is a true joy for her! She really understands their passion and where they come from... 'NO GUTS NO GLORY'  is what they all share!
And the natural follow up is the store where she can sell all this inspiring 'candy'.

So here it is...,
starting small,
but hopefully being tremendously inspiring...

[ the contemporary (online) boys store ]

p.s. we have a little secret:
very very veryyyyyy cool girls are allowed to shop here too...
Since a lot of the items are quite UNI.
So if it fits your personality, you're more than welcome! ; )